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The RAKSA water trap with a floor pipe, manufactured by LVI-Pörssi, is considered by technicians to be a safe and pleasant water trap to install.
The sliding extension between the base of the sink and the water trap already has a SS M6 nut for the sieve's screw.

The 32mm Water trap is preassembled in a zipper bag with all the required accessories:

  • Rubber plug, with brass triangle
  • SS sieve (AISI304)
  • Cellular plastic seal
  • Moulded seal
  • SS screw m6x70
  • Floor pipe 32x680x210 mm
  • Flange cover of the floor pipe

The water traps are now also available in black

Teknisk information

Manufactured in accordance with the EN274 standard
STF type-approved

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6582610 vattenlås 32mm SVART med golvrör **SVART** 28,56
6582609 utrymmesbesparande vattenlås 32mm med golvrör *SVART** 38,40

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