Leak Detector

Leak Detector

In block of flats houses Leak detector can be used to collect any leakage from pipes and pipe insulation which goes inside the wall.

The leakage water flows through the leakage pipe to the wall flap through a waterproof leak detector. Eg bathroom.

One leak detector can be connected to one to five leakage hoppers.
Opening the required number of sleeves.
Bushing remains watertight with sealing even if only one funnel is connected.

The funnel is made of elastic plastic, which is easy to cut to the right tube size and at the same time is tight without any separate sealants.
The pipe insulation comes inside the leaking hopper, whereupon the water that may be absorbed into the insulation is also collected.
The patented structure of the support cover and the leak hose sleeve prevents the insulation from blocking the hose.


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