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Intended Use

  • The purpose of the SS floor drain cover is to direct run-off water to the floor drain, protect the floor drain and waterproofing, and provide an interior design element for the floor
  • The perforations of the SS floor drain cover have considered the requirements of the floor drain standard EN-1253-2.


The SS Design floor drain covers are intended to be installed in connection with the tiling of a premises equipped with a floor drain, as an aesthetic and protective part of the floor drain. 

Due to the shape and dimensions of the frame, it is extremely easy to install to the floor in a tight-fitting manner and at a suitable height with the tiling, without water accumulating around the frame.

The frame is made of SS material and can withstand wear, and if necessary, the cover can be replaced for a new one according to the situation and fixtures.

Techicall information

Krans 197x197x4 AISI304
Lock 172x172x2 AISI304

Product number Product Info product Grossprice €
3316784 Desing floor grating KEHRÄ 197X197X4 46.98
3316965 Desing floor grating KEHRÄ 197X197X4 BLACK 46.98

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