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 Matte black powder-coated floor drain cover. 

The durability of the paint has been ensured with three different stages, in cooperation with the world’s largest paint manufacturer Jotun
The SS surface is first sanded to a matte finish -> a base paint is applied on this which is intended for SS surfaces -> then the actual surface is finished with a sprayed powder coating.
Salt spray tests are carried out on the products by Jotun to ensure the durability of the paint.

Under the paint is made of AISI304 stainless steel, so even if e.g. a mechanical dent occurs to the paintwork, the frame will not begin to rust.


Techicall information

Test method: ASTM B 117
Test condition: Cabinet temperature 35°C
Humidity Temperature 55°C

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3316966 Desing floor grating TÄHKÄ 197X197X4 *BLACK 46.98

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